Why Coronavirus (Covid-19) Cases Are Low in India?

It is a matter of serious action with full awareness of the pandemic. India is not as a superpower as the united nations America. But what is the reason behind its control over the covid-19 cases.

Is it true or the real number is not shown yet.

It is because if the real number of coronavirus is not revealed yet, it may cause a severe danger. In fact, India has a population of over 130,000,0000 and it is very hard to provide health benefits to such a large population.

Reasons Why Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases Are Low in India?

1. Lockdown- PM Modi Ji, such a wise man who took the decision of lockdown at a very early stage.

And since this disease is communicative via human contacts, so social distancing was very much necessary. And this has been one of the big reasons behind India's control over the pandemic.

2. Temperature- since the temperature of the Indian climate is high so the virus can't stay live in the surrounding for a longer time.

3. Early measures are taken by the govt. of India.

Note: Hope for the good but be prepared for the worst. And this pandemic is not over yet, so keep social distancing and help others in need.

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