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See Full detail fo Covid 19 Cases in Spain here. Covid-19’s impact on drug manufacture in Spain: small molecule API dominates in Europe’s worst-hit country

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As of 13 May, the worst Covid-19 outbreak in Europe was located in Spain, which is only second to the US for disease prevalence globally.

According to the GlobalData Covid-19 Epidemiology Dashboard, Spain has 269,520 diagnosed individuals and 26,920 confirmed deaths. On 14 March, the Spanish government implemented one of the strictest lockdown policies Europe after announcing a 15-day state of emergency, where all movement was banned except to move except to buy food or medicine and to work.

Later, this was tightened to require all non-essential workers to stay at home for two weeks. The first confirmed coronavirus case in Spain was found in a German tourist in the Canary Islands, who was thought to have contracted the virus from people who had travelled to China on 31 January.

Since then, the major events that are thought to have contributed to the spread of the virus in Spain include 2,500 Valencia fans who travelled to Milan in Italy’s Lombardy region to spectate a soccer game and 700 guests at a Tenerife hotel who isolated after an Italian tourist tested positive in late February.

Recently, Spain announced a four-phase plan to lift the lockdown by the end of June after the rate of infections and deaths in the country had slowed. GlobalData’s Pharma Intelligence Center’s Contract Service Provider database shows that there are 131 contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) in Spain with 161 Spanish sites This database has also been used to provide the information for contract service providers shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 shows that Barcelona has the largest number of manufacturing facilities for a Spanish location, with 53 facilities, and that Madrid has the second largest number with 19 facilities.

The large CMO Lonza Group (Basel, Switzerland) has one active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) biologics facility based in Galicia, and Recipharm AB (Stockholm, Sweden) has two commercial dose facilities based in Madrid and Catalonia, the two regions in Spain that have been hit worst by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Madrid is Spain’s capital and largest city, and is the worst-hit Spanish region for Covid-19 prevalence, with 65,000 cases confirmed as of 13 May, slightly more than Catalonia.

Catalonia has imposed stricter lockdown measures after it experienced periods of rapid infection spreading, and has employed different measures compared to Madrid to tackle the infection, which may have contributed to a lower prevalence.

The rest of the top six cities in Spain currently have a far lower prevalence of Covid-19 infections than Barcelona or Madrid, with Galicia having less than 20% of the prevalence of the two largest cities each.


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