Coronavirus Safety Guide 2020

It is time to be super safe, many countries are not able to handle the situation so you should better be safe yourself.

This guide, developed by experts in Medicine and Infectious Diseases, offers step-by-step instructions for some of the most common situations you might encounter, focusing on how you can protect yourself and your community:

In Public Places (including where you work)

a) What to avoid b) Keeping your hands clean c) Transportation d) Other advice for preventing the spread of coronavirus e) When to wear a mask or cloth face cover

At Home

a) Instructions for initial cleaning b) Instructions for what to do when you return home from public places c) Instructions for receiving deliveries If You Develop Symptoms

It is OK to leave your home to walk, jog, bike, and walk your dog.

In fact, this is encouraged to help you maintain your mental and physical health, but maintain 6 feet of space between you and others and follow the hand-hygiene guide below.

Avoid touching any surfaces others might touch

Additional objects to try to avoid touching include: ➢ hand railings ➢ elevator buttons ➢ payment terminals at shops ➢ tabletops ➢ chair armrests ➢ workout equipment at gyms

❏ Carry hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol in its list of “active ingredients” with you at all times. DIY hand sanitizer ❏ Use hand sanitizer: → before touching any surface (to protect others). → after (to protect yourself). ❏ Sanitize your hands before touching your cell phone, every time. ❏ Avoid touching your head, face, eyes, or neck. → If you NEED to touch your face, sanitize your hands before and after. ❏ Do not touch other people, especially their faces, hands and arms. → If you NEED to touch other people, sanitize your hands before and after. The CDC does not recommend wearing gloves in public. We agree. You can still pick up the virus on the gloves and you are less likely to clean your hands while wearing gloves.

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